Thursday, September 27, 2007

Will they ride the Rail?

For the past year, or so, I have been watching the development of the Light Rail project that is projected to open in Dec 08.
The project is interesting to me for many reasons and I have taken the time to attend public meetings, read and gather several articles and gather a ton of information concerning current and future housing along the 20 mile route.
While many people have been critical of the expense and have been quick to say that "nobody" will ride the line because of the sprawl that AZ is known for; I believe that the Valley is ready and people have begun to embrace the project. ASU students will undoubtedly ride between the Tempe and Phoenix facilities. People working along the line will actually be able to get to lunch without a car! People attending meetings/conventions at the Phx Convention Center will probably find the line to be very useful.
In Dec of 06' I attended a public meeting and had the opportunity to discuss many aspects of the light rail project with Metro's "public involvement" manager. At the time, I was told that nearly 3000 businesses were located along the line and that "approximately" $750 million of private investment had already been planned along the route.
Many commercial projects, hotels and a ton of interesting residential projects are currently being built. I look forward to sharing my findings with everyone!

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