Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Light Rail, ASU and Surrounding Communities

Light Rail will be a huge benefit to ASU and to ASU students commuting between the Downtown Phoenix Campus and the Tempe Campus. With the ease of traveling between the 2 facilities and the many new housing and entertainment choices along the line, many of us will undoubtedly appreciate the added convenience. Students are a perfect fit to use and ride the light rail as life around both of the two campuses will be easily linked. From concert venues like the Marquee Theater near the Priest / Washington stop to sporting venues like the Suns and the Diamondbacks near the 3rd St / Jefferson stop to the proposed "Jackson Entertainment District," it will be easy to live, work and play within these two booming areas. Of course, these areas will also see much more interest from many other valley residents, vacationers, convention center visitors etc. This is just the tip of the iceberg.. Stay tuned for more information about many of these upcoming areas and "life on the line!"

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Light Rail Journey - Construction to Completion

With more than a year remaining before Light Rail cars begin their daily journey's here in town, business owner's are slowly gaining more confidence in their future. The effect on some small business owners has been tough but many have thought similar to Denise Bismore, owner of Silver Spoon Express and the Daily Grind. "I see a tremendous potential coming up the road with the condos, light rail and the revitalization of downtown Phoenix."
The papers have been reporting on how bad rail has been to business along the line but the amount of current optimism and actual development is not to be ignored. Phoenix has "tried" to help with their un-impressive and un-inclusive "Shop the Line" site. I'm not sure why they don't have a list of all businesses along the entire route. Time and completion of construction is what the current owner's need.
Today's AZ Republic has some interesting quotes from well known local business owners. Keith Earnest, of CityScape mentioned that "The light rail was one of the factors that influenced our decision to buy that block." ... Dale Jensen (part owner of Suns/Diamondbacks) says "The most valuable land in Phoenix is one to two blocks from light rail."
It is becoming easier to drive along many parts of the rail line but there is obviously still a ton of work to be done. It might seem like an eternity to some of the "little guys" along the route but soon, they will be able to say.. "remember when.."
Check out our Light Rail site for more info!

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Newberry Terrace,Tempe Homes near Light Rail

This morning, I attended an "Open House" showcasing the new residential project called Newberry Terrace which is located just South of Apache and East of Rural in Tempe. The future Dorsey / Apache stop for Metro's light rail project is just a short distance away.. Homes range in size from 1376 to nearly 2400 square feet and current pricing begins near $280k and goes up to the $400's. Their B and D plans consist of single family homes from 2-4 bedrooms while the E and F plans consist of loft/town-home style units with attached, common walls. This is a nice in-fill project with a couple of "common areas" that are well landscaped and look pretty good. The two main streets for entering/exiting the community are wide enough to accommodate parking and drive through traffic which is nice for this type of density. The City of Tempe appears to be very excited about Newberry Terrace as evidenced by City employee comments and the fact that the Mayor attended this mornings "festivities." (coffee, juice and some pastries were provided)
Several other projects are being developed along this part of light rail line. Stay tuned for more info on other happenings and more homes near light rail in Tempe in the near future.
We will be constantly adding lists of projects along the entire line. Feel free to use our free mls search for all kinds of homes that will be located on or near Metro's Light Rail.