Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Light Rail, ASU and Surrounding Communities

Light Rail will be a huge benefit to ASU and to ASU students commuting between the Downtown Phoenix Campus and the Tempe Campus. With the ease of traveling between the 2 facilities and the many new housing and entertainment choices along the line, many of us will undoubtedly appreciate the added convenience. Students are a perfect fit to use and ride the light rail as life around both of the two campuses will be easily linked. From concert venues like the Marquee Theater near the Priest / Washington stop to sporting venues like the Suns and the Diamondbacks near the 3rd St / Jefferson stop to the proposed "Jackson Entertainment District," it will be easy to live, work and play within these two booming areas. Of course, these areas will also see much more interest from many other valley residents, vacationers, convention center visitors etc. This is just the tip of the iceberg.. Stay tuned for more information about many of these upcoming areas and "life on the line!"


Eric said...

Hi Nick, thanks for your comment over at the Transbay blog, since now I just discovered your blog! I look forward to following the progress of the upcoming Phoenix/Tempe LRT here.

It sounds like the line joins up some major destination points, and 20 miles is quite a substantial distance. I hope it turns out to be popular.

Nick Bastian said...

Thanks for stopping by Eric. The line goes by a lot of good stuff. Hope to see ya around :-)