Thursday, December 13, 2007

Light Rail Info from KJZZ

Here is a Light Rail interview from the KJZZ radio program.. They discuss ridership, extensions, demand, uses for light rail's existing route, area development, future commuter rail options etc.
Interesting comparisons to other Light Rail Cities such as San Diego, Houston, Salt Lake, Dallas etc. etc.
The "car culture" of Phoenix was discussed and some interesting points of view were shared. The 20 mile "starter" line sound to be just the begining for AZ Light Rail.
Check it out.. Let us know what you think..


Samuel I. Richard said...

I got a chance to catch some of this interview. I was pleased to hear that the 20 mile line was the "first", not the only. Looking forward to that, even though I live downtown. Maybe it'll stop all the complaining from suburbanites. Maybe not...

Great work on the site, by the way. Love it!

Nick Bastian said...

Samuel, Thanks so much for stopping by and for the kind words. I have been following some of the studies concerning future extensions of the line and will be adding more info in the future.