Tuesday, October 2, 2007

AZ Light Rail - Not all "Urban Luxury"

Most of the articles I have seen about Light Rail in the paper talk about the many "large" projects being built along the light rail line. Places like "Edgewater," in Tempe and "Chateaux on Central," in Phoenix have been mentioned several times. (among many others)

While these projects and many of the commercial projects are interesting, I think there is another demographic that hasn't been mentioned nearly as much. At both ends of the line and in places in-between, we see some neighborhoods that don't (yet) get much press. Neighborhoods that might house some of the people that will actually use the rail to get to work. I had lunch with a valley firefighter last week and we discussed some of these areas. Believe me folks, not everyone along the line will be spending a million bucks on a condo.

We have been researching many of the single family neighborhoods and look forward to watching the progression of these areas.

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