Monday, January 14, 2008

Light Rail and Dry Cleaner's..

The new Arizona Light Rail project is is being written about more and more by the papers. It's probably not surprising that I seem to read a lot of these articles. During the past few days, I read about "walkable corridors" near Light Rail that Phoenix and Tempe are embracing. One opening paragraph of "In five years or so, light-rail commuters may be able to drop off their dry cleaning, pick up groceries and grab a cup of coffee at a train station near Apache Boulevard and Dorsey Lane in Tempe." is a good opening paragraph to an article discussing some of the future benefits and challenges of the rail system. Issues that are discussed range from the billions of dollars of current and proposed development near the stations, the walk ability factor in relation to a 5-10 minute walk from a station, meshing commercial and residential areas etc.

The chairman of the Tempe Transportation Commission says that he's toured light-rail systems in Denver, San Diego and Portland to see what kind of businesses work best around light-rail stations. They include dry cleaners, florists, shoe-repair shops and coffee shops.

Tempe's deputy public works manager would like to encourage more pedestrians around light rail stations but is quoted as saying "No car washes, auto-related uses are restricted, no drive-throughs, no (plant) nurseries." Instead, the city is encouraging the building of dry cleaners, coffee shops, retail stores, day-care centers, bookstores, and service-oriented businesses.

The entrepreneur in me says we better all go out and find a great spot for a dry cleaning business near a rail stop. The demand will certainly be there! :-)


Samuel Isaac Richard said...

But don't forget, Nick. There is also a trend in organic dry cleaning. We hippies don't want any of those nasty chemicals in our clothes! :)

Nick Bastian said...

Hi Samuel, thanks for pointing that out.. I can see a future article that might be titled...
"Light Rails Effect on Peace, Love and Organic Dry Cleaning"