Wednesday, January 9, 2008

My First Light Rail Ride!

Yesterday, was a pretty cool day. I got to take a tour of METRO’s Operations and Maintenance Facility and I got to actually ride in one of the cars! I am lucky to have met a friend that is a "Trolley Jolly" who helped me get in. (thanks again if you read this!) Here is a slide show of some photos I took while there. I will be posting some more info on the technology, the facility and some other tid-bits that I learned. The people at Metro are amazingly friendly and I felt honored and fortunate to sit in their office and discuss some of the technology, our opinions on future ridership, demographics, expansion etc. - The trains should begin running in December as planned.

Here is a slide show of the facility and a crappy, short video of my ride. :-) Take a look.. Yep, the guy with the cheesy grin, wearing the sweet orange vest in the first pic is me behind the "wheel." :-)