Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Light Rail Park & Ride - McClitock / Apache

The Tempe Light Rail Park and Ride Facility at the McClintock and Apache Stop looks /sounds like it will be an interesting place. Built on 4.6 acres, the facility will be a mix of parking, retail and residential units. The latest notes I have from a recent meeting mention 'Flexible Retail" (12,300 sq ft.), 450 residential units and a 6 story, 65 ft. tall structure.

The first 300 parking spaces will be Park & Ride and I read that the parking structure will not be prominently visible.

The first phase calls for the parking structure with retail and residential to follow. The project was designed to be "perfect" for crime prevention although I am not sure of the specifics as to what they meant by that. Based on notes from an area committee meeting, they are looking for some "destination retail" to be a part of the project. Of course, Starbucks was mentioned but maybe a cool little coffee house or some good food will suffice.
The only name I could find was Gray Development Apache Blvd. (1811 East Apache)

I took these pictures today standing between what looks to me like the main entrance and the main structure. There is a stop light just east of McClintock with the PnR signage. I will contact the developer soon to see if any new/updated information is available. (maybe some drawings or pics?)


Eric said...

It's encouraging to see that they're working to increase the residential component near stations. Are these sorts of mixed-use projects being added all along the new line?

In terms of the "perfect for crime prevention" bit -- three possibilities popped immediately to mind: (1) the general theory that a neighborhood-feel and more "eyes on the street" is a crime deterrent; (2) an increase in lighting in the area as a service to residents and customers of the new retail; and (3) a perception that a pay/supervised(?) garage would be more secure than a surface lot that anyone can walk onto. I'm not familiar at all with the context, though, so I couldn't know for sure.

Nick Bastian said...

Hi Eric,
Yes, there will be several other projects to increase residential development along the line. Phoenix has traditionally struggled with residential growth downtown but changes are occuring.

Great observations concerning the crime prevention techniques. You are right on the money as I now recall some of these points being discussed with other potential developments as well. I'll be adding info on some of these other neighborhoods soon.